Best Custom Printed - is a small family owned and operated business. We began our custom-printing business in 1976. We started the business by purchasing an old paper press. We converted it into a plastic film press and have been custom printing ever since.  Trade Shows and Small Businesses that believed in branding were our best customers. Over-time customers began asking for different types of custom-printed items. Machinery was the issue here. We easily slipped into making Yard Signs. Although the material was slightly different, we could print them on the same press that we had been using since 1976. Invisible Fence and political signs became our forte. As vinyl records became of interest to millenials, vinyl had a resurgence. Small record pressers and Indie Bands were searching for printers that would print as few as 100 record jackets. We needed different machinery to print on record jackets so we invested in a silkscreen machine and another whole printing world opened up for us. T-Shirts orders for all occasions and reasons were suddenly flooding in. We tried printing paper bags on the silk screen press but screen printing was not financially viable for large printed bag orders. Next investment - a paper bag press that doubled our speed and output. So here we are in 2019, experienced printers with decent equipment, ready to help you brand yourself or your company in a variety of ways. 

We offer five major custom-printing categories.
Below are the types of items we custom-print and the year we started printing them. We also list the materials they are made from and their recyclability.

Plastic Bags - 1984. Bags made from low-density polyethylene (#4 recyclable). 
•  Yard Signs2005. Made from low-density co-extruded polyethylene (#4 recyclable).
•  Vinyl Record Jackets - 2006. Made from recyclable paperboard.
• T-Shirts - 2007. 100% cotton.
Paper Bags - 2008. Recyclable and made form 40-50% recycled material.
• Non-woven Totes and 100% Cotton Bags - 2009.  Non-woven totes made from #5 recyclable Polypropylene.
• Paper Bags (high volume) - 2018. (see above).