Select the product you want to create your custom design on
(plastic bag, paper bag,  non-woven totes, cotton totes, t-shirts, yard signs, record jackets).
Click on the
color drop-down to choose the color of the product you want (if product color applies).
See step 5 below.

Click on   (steps 2, 3 and 4, below, can be used individually or in any combination).


Some products allow printing on the front and back of the item.
Check, if we offer custom printing on both sides of your product, by clicking on the symbol on the top left. The design steps below apply to printing on both the front and back.


2. UPLOAD IMAGE: Allows you to insert your own artwork from your files. Click here for artwork specifications. 2-color artwork can be uploaded in our software designer tool. The software will guide you through separating your colors.

3. ADD TEXT: Allows you to add text to your design. In the box that says "NEW TEXT", type in the text you want to appear on your printed item. Click on the    to choose your text color, font, spacing, shape, and placement, or click on the  to delete your text. When you are satisfied with your text scroll down slightly and click on REMEMBER - the color of your text will be counted as one of the colors of your design.

ADD ART has two sub-categories:
1. Browse Clip Art: Here you can browse our library of free clip art.  Some of the clip art is 3 or 4 colors and can be reduced in the designer tool. Change, add or subtract the colors of your art right on the screen by clicking on the pencil or delete your design entirely to start again. You can even add clip art to your own downloaded art. 'SHAPES' which is one of the clip art sub-categories has the largest variety of clip art
2. My Saved ArtIf you have previously created a customer login and saved your artwork in this system, you can access your saved artwork by clicking on ADD ART and then clicking on MY SAVED ART. Click on the desired saved art to add to the product you are having printed.

 The following are the three levels of color modification you will need if you are planning on changing the colors in your design. When you upload your art whether it's clip art or your own design, the colors used in the art will appear on the screen in color balls. Each ball is a  color that appears in your uploaded art. At the top of the page, you will be told if the number of colors in your art exceeds the number of colors that are allowed to be printed on the item you are customizing. If you need to reduce the number of colors used in your art, click on the color you want to change. This will take you to the next screen where you will see the following:
 CURRENT COLOR - shows the color you've chosen to edit.
 COLORS IN USE - defines the colors that are currently being used in your design. Click on the color you want to change in your design. Then go to 'COLORS'.
 COLORS - Click on the desired color you want to change the 'COLOR IN USE' to.

: After making changes to any color in your design, click on 'DONE' before proceeding to the next color change.
PLASTIC AND PAPER BAG INK COLORS have their own color chart, due to the printing process used for them. Click here for the ink color chart. These colors will be on the only colors that will appear on the screen when you choose the ink colors for plastic and paper bags. All other printable products can use the ink colors that appear in the software. 

If you are ordering a product that has Mix 'N' Match pricing for product colors (nylon totes & t-shirts), next to  click on . Put a checkmark on the colors you want to order your product in. The product (in the color you picked) will show up on the screen imprinted with your design. At this point, you will be able to see if the colors you picked for your imprinted product work well with your design and text. If you need to change your design or text click on the . Make your changes and click on , then click on .  NOTE: The same color text will be used on all your multi-color choice products (totes & t-shirts), so be sure you use an ink color for the text that will show up on all the colors you picked for your product. If there is only one color choice for your product go to .  When you click  your Design and or Text (which has been saved) will show up on your product. At this point, you are asked for the quantity of each product you wish to order. 


 Next to each product you have chosen, enter the number of each item you want to order.  The quantity price breaks are listed at the top of each product. The minimum that is allowed for each product type is the first quantity that shows in the price breaks. After entering the desired quantity, colors and sizes (color refers to totes and t-shirts only, the 'size' option applies only to t-shirts only), scroll down and click on .

PRICE SUMMARY: will show the products you ordered with your design & text right on the screen and the unit price of each item.
Click on
  . Then click on  .

Click on .
If you want to make changes to the design, size, or quantity, click the edit symbol  on each product you want to make changes to. NOTE: If you are making changes to the design, follow the appropriate instructions in Step 3 above.
If there are no changes needed, click on  then PROCEED TO SHOPPING CART and your Order Summary will appear. Click on

NOTE: If you ordered either paper or plastic bags, you will be asked to verify the ink colors you wish to use first, then click on .

PICKUP OR DELIVERY: If you click on Pickup we will give you a pickup date. If you choose Delivery, you will be asked to fill out your address and other pertinent information.